Em 2023, a 14ª edição do CBSoft voltará a ser realizada presencialmente, de 25 a 29 de setembro em Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.👉 Mapa

Third LATAM School in Software Engineering
(ACM SIGSOFT-sponsored)

Call for participation

It is a great pleasure to invite students and young researchers to APPLY for this fantastic opportunity to learn about careers and research and attend CBSoft 2023, sponsored by ACM SIGSOFT.
We invite applications for the 3rd Latin American School of Software Engineering. The school will take place in person, collocated with CBSoft 2023. The school welcomes students and young researchers from Latin American institutions and organizations.
The main goal of this school is to help new and future Software Engineering researchers to be part of the larger software engineering community, launching a successful career and managing the challenges while feeling joy in their life as researchers.
The school will also enable the participants to explore potential pathways and understand more about the academic challenges and opportunities. Students will have an excellent opportunity to interact with top researchers and learn about their careers, how to publish, and hear about important topics usually not covered during their studies.
Beyond the outstanding keynotes, we will provide a mentoring section. Students will be grouped by software engineering topics and have at least one mentor. The mentoring section will happen with students presenting a poster with a 1-2 minute lightning talk about their research. Also, students should be prepared to answer questions about their research and ask questions to the mentors.


The applicants must be:
  • Ph.D. or MSc students from Latin American institutions; or who received the Ph.D. degree on or after 2022 and work in Latin American organizations/universities;
  • Highly motivated undergraduate students might be accepted; and
  • Working with software engineering topics.
There are limited spots (maximum of 50 students) to be filled for this school that will be given to Latin American applicants. We will select the participants based on different criteria to ensure the adequacy of the school and diversity. We encourage all those interested in applying!

How to apply?

You need to provide the following documents:
  • A structured abstract is required with the headings: Context/Problem, Aims, Method, and Results (Expected Results) written in English. No specific template is required. The structured abstract must explicitly describe the research plan the students are conducting (1-page limit).
  • A Poster: The poster should outline the research with interesting commentary about what you learned. It should be a balance of visuals and text. It must present the research overview, research questions, method, results obtained, and future plans. The poster size should be 122cm (height) and 92cm (width). Try to use large fonts, such as font size 36-48 for section headings and font size 20-28 for text.
  • Students must send a document containing a list of papers published in journals and conferences between 2021 and 2023. The document must present the Year of Publication, Paper Title, Conference or Journal | List of Authors | and Link to the student DBLP pointing to the paper. We will only consider the conferences and journals available at CSIndex ( - Software Engineering (list of TOP-15 best conferences and TOP-15 Journals). Students can also include the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES) and the Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development (JSERD).
Submissions should be electronically made through JEMS (

Selected participants will receive

  • Free registration for the School (including lunch and coffee break)
  • Free registration for attending CBSoft 2023
  • Students will be ranked by the number of publications, posters, and structured abstract quality. The following cost allowance will be provided:
    • TOP-3 Best applications from LATAM participants (excluding Brazilians) will receive a cost allowance after proving they will attend the LATAM School (e.g., air/bus tickets, hotel payment reservation). The cost allowance is limited to R$2,500 (Brazilian Reais).
    • TOP-17 Brazilian applications will receive a cost allowance after proving they will attend the LATAM School (e.g., air/bus tickets, hotel payment reservation). The cost allowance is limited to R$1,500 (Brazilian Reais).
  • Important Note: The free registration to attend CBSOFT 2023 excludes the publishing fee for any CBSoft event.
This fantastic deal is only possible due to generous sponsorship from ACM SIGSOFT. Upon acceptance to the school, participants will receive an email detailing the registration procedure.

Keynote Speakers

Great names in software engineering research and practice have already been confirmed to serve as Keynote Speakers
  • Dra. Ana Karla Silva Soares (Psychology - UFMS)
  • Dra. Ana Regina Rocha (COPPE/UFRJ)
  • Dr. Eduardo Santana de Almeida (Federal University of Bahia)
  • Dr. Igor Steinmacher (Northern Arionza University)
  • Dr. Sumit Gulwani (Microsoft Research)
  • Dr. Walid Maalej (University of Hamburg)

Important Dates

Application Deadline: August 14, 2023.

LATAM School

September 26, 2023 - Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
More details about CBSoft 2023 and how to plan your trip to Campo Grande, please visit the website:


Liaisons for other countries

  • María Clara Gómez Álvarez - Universidad de Medellín, Colombia
  • Sebastián Pizard - Universidad de la República, Uruguay
  • Julián Grigera - Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina