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Brazilian Symposium on Systematic and Automated Software Testing

Artigos Aceitos

Full Papers
A comparative analysis of mobile UI testing frameworks in continuous integration environmentsAuthor(s): Gustavo Costa (UFPE), Breno Miranda (UFPE)
An Approach to Regression Test Selection based on Code Changes and SmellsAuthor(s): Allan Mori (USP), Ana Paiva (Universidade do Porto), Simone Souza (USP)
An Experimental Study Evaluating Cost, Adequacy, and Effectiveness of Pynguin's Test SetsAuthor(s): Lucca Guerino (UFSCAR), Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi (UFSCAR)
An industrial experience report on the adoption of history-based test case prioritizationAuthor(s): Vinicius Siqueira (UFPE), Breno Miranda (UFPE)
An industrial experience report on the challenges in training localization and internationalization testersAuthor(s): Maria Couto (UFPE), Breno Miranda (UFPE)
An initial investigation of ChatGPT unit test generation capabilityAuthor(s): Vitor Guilherme (UFSCAR), Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi (UFSCAR)
ATF - An end-to-end testing framework: experience reportAuthor(s): Heleno de Souza Campos Junior (UFF), Bruna Guerreiro Becker Legey (PrimeUp), Vânia Neves (UFF), José Roberto de Souza Blaschek (PrimeUp)
Automating Android Rotation Vector Testing in Google's Compatibility Test Suite Using a Robotic ArmAuthor(s): Abda Myrria de Albuquerque (Sidia Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia), Heryck Barbosa (Sidia), Pedro Lancellotta (Sidia), João Gabriel Castro Santos (Sidia), Janislley Oliveira de Sousa (Sidia)
Implementing Exploratory Testing in an Agile Context: A Study Based on Design Science ResearchAuthor(s): Jarbele Coutinho (UFERSA), Wilkerson Andrade (UFCG), Patricia Machado (UFCG)
Investigating Developer Contributions to Test Smell Survivability: A Study of Open-Source ProjectsAuthor(s): Denivan Campos (UFBA), Luana Martins (UFBA), Carla Bezerra (UFC), Ivan Machado (UFBA)
Machine Learning Techniques for Escaped Defect Analysis in Software TestingAuthor(s): Lidia Perside Gomes Nascimento (UFPE), Audir de Araujo Paiva Filho (Motorola), Pedro Henrique Alves Cruz (Motorola), Daniel Cardoso Coelho Alves de Oliveira (Motorola), Pedro Roncoli Sarmet Moreira (Motorola), Alexandre Mota (UFPE), Ricardo Prudêncio (UFPE)
Prime Control-IQD: a Platform for Software Quality AnalyticsAuthor(s): Everton Arantes (Prime Control), Ana Corrêa (Prime Control), Pedro Perreira (Prime Control), Tania Fernandes (Prime Control), João Pedro Trevisan (UFSCar), Vinicius Durelli (UFSJ), Marcelo Eler (USP), Andre Endo (UFSCAR)
Replication of a MBT Test Cases Discard Reduction using Distance Function for industrial setting at TJPBAuthor(s): Carlos Lima (UFCG), Everton Alves (UFCG), Wilkerson Andrade (UFCG)
SelectNLTest - Selection and natural language rewriting of test cases generated by the MOBTEST toolAuthor(s): Mônica Lima (UFAM), João Paulo Marques (INDT)
Software Testing applied to the Development of IoT Systems: preliminary resultsAuthor(s): Vinícius Ferreira (USP), Caio Herrera (USP), Simone Souza (USP), Ricardo Santos (UFMS), Paulo Lopes de Souza (USP)
Test Data Selection Based on Applying Mutation Testing to Decision Tree ModelsAuthor(s): Beatriz Silveira (USP), Vinicius Durelli (UFSJ), Sebastião Santos (USP), Rafael Durelli (UFLA), Marcio Delamaro (USP), Simone Souza (USP)
Test volume mitigation for mobile devices software development: An optimization approach considering shared requirementsAuthor(s): Paulo Andrade (Sidia Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia), Kathrian Marques (Sidia), Luiz Ribeiro (Sidia), Marcelo Silva (UFOPA), Hendria Fragata (Sidia), Adriano Oliveira (Sidia), Juan Pablo Abreu Nogueira (Sidia)