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CTD-ES 2023
Software Engineering Doctoral and Master Theses Competition

Call for Papers

The Software Engineering Doctoral and Master Theses Competition (CTD-ES) aims to disseminate and award the best Doctoral and Master theses in Software Engineering that were concluded, presented, and approved in Brazil in 2022. CTD-ES will award theses with a significant impact on society and organizations, as well as a significant, outstanding contribution to the scientific area of Software Engineering.


Up to six papers corresponding to the three best Doctoral theses and the three best Master theses will be awarded. The work must necessarily be presented by the candidate at the 37th Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES 2023).

Target Audience

Doctors and Masters in the area of Software Engineering who defended their theses in Brazil in 2022 (i.e., from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022) can submit their work to CTD-ES. Authors may submit works to compete in any theses and dissertations contest promoted annually by the Special Committee on Software Engineering.


Applicants must electronically submit the papers through the JEMS system. During submission, applicants must choose the track that corresponds to their work (i.e., Doctoral or Master's theses). Only one submission of each type is allowed per advisor.
The following documents should be submitted together:
  • The full text of the thesis or dissertation, in PDF.
  • A paper summarizing the thesis or dissertation, which can be an original work or might have been published or accepted for publication. If the paper is original, then it must be up to 15 pages long, including all figures and references. The paper must be in PDF and conform to the SBC Template for Paper Publication available at this link. Papers need an abstract both in Portuguese and English. If the paper has already been published or accepted for publication, the original paper in PDF must be sent.
  • A letter issued by the main advisor.
  • A letter issued by the candidate.
The letter issued by the main advisor must:
  • Highlight the contribution to Software Engineering, the aspects for which he/she believes the candidate deserves the award, and the papers (published, accepted and/or submitted but under evaluation) indicating the most relevant one.
  • Mention all sub-products of the work (e.g., patents, registered software, public domain or free software, databases) available for public access (URLs to the items must be provided), and any other information considered relevant.
  • Include the name of the Graduate Program, the Program Coordinator's phone number, the date of the defense, the title of the thesis, the names and e-mail addresses of the advisor(s), the names and e-mail addresses of evaluation board members, and the name of the candidate.
  • Indicate whether the submitted paper (i) is an original work, (ii) has been accepted or published in other conferences or journals, or (iii) is under evaluation in other conferences or journals. If the paper is not original, then the letter must mention the venue where it was published or is under review.
The letter issued by the candidate must:
  • Indicate the reasons why he/she considers his/her work to deserve an award among one of the best in Software Engineering in Brazil.
The publication of the paper in the SBES 2023 Companion Proceedings at SBC OpenLib (SOL) will follow these rules:
  • If the paper is original, the full paper will be included in the proceedings.
  • If the paper is not original, i.e., the paper has already been published in another venue (including SBES), the version to be published in the companion proceedings will be a 2-page extended abstract using the SBC Template for Paper publication. The extended abstract will be provided by the authors and must include the full reference to the original publication. The paper must have an abstract in Portuguese and in English.


Only work in Portuguese or English that expand or deepen the knowledge in Software Engineering will be accepted. Work with a marginal contribution to Software Engineering will not be accepted. Only one submission of each type is allowed per advisor. This requires advisors to pre-select and recommend the thesis and/or dissertation presented in 2022 in which they acted as the main advisor.
Theses submitted to CTD-ES will be evaluated by a committee composed of professionals from Education and Research Institutions with recognized performance in Software Engineering and experience in advising Doctoral and Master's theses. Members of the Evaluation Committee that were advisors of candidates in one of the categories (Master or PhD) will evaluate only work in the other category.
Up to three papers in each category (i.e., Master or PhD) will be invited for presentation during SBES 2023. Only the author who defended the Doctoral or Master's work shall present it. The presentation must last up to 20 minutes. A board of experts will evaluate the presentation and may ask questions. The final classification of CTD-ES will be based on the evaluation of the complete thesis and the presentation held during the symposium.

Phase 1

For this phase, the works will be evaluated and selected in each category (ie, doctoral thesis and master's thesis). Assessments will be performed via JEMS.

Phase 2

This phase will take place during the event. The author who defended the doctoral thesis or master's thesis (and only he/she) must make an oral presentation to an evaluation board that will evaluate the quality of the presentation and may ask questions to the author. In special situations, CTD-ES presentations specifically can be remote. No-show implies elimination from the selection process. In the end, the board will discuss and will determine the winning works in each category. The board reserves the right to nominate for awards only suitable works, including the possibility of not having works nominated for awards in one or more categories.

Important Dates

Submission of the thesis (including all required documentation):June 19, 2023 June 26, 2023
Finalists announcement:August 7, 2023


CBSoft 2023 General Chairs
Awdren FontĂŁo (UFMS, Brazil)
DĂ©bora Paiva (UFMS, Brazil)
Hudson Borges (UFMS, Brazil)
Maria Istela (UFMS, Brazil)
PatrĂ­cia Gomes (UFMS, Brazil)
Vanessa Borges (UFMS, Brazil)
Program Committee Chairs
Cláudia Werner (COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil)
Davi Viana (UFMA, Brazil)
SBES Steering Committee
Carla Silva (UFPE, Brazil)
Christina von Flach (UFBA, Brazil)
Elisa Yumi Nakagawa (USP, Brazil)
Fernando Castor (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Igor Steinmacher (Northern Arizona University, USA)
Márcio Ribeiro (UFAL, Brazil)
Marco TĂşlio Valente (UFMG, Brazil)
Rohit Gheyi (UFCG, Brazil)
Sabrina Marczak (PUC-RS, Brazil)
Tayana Conte (UFAM, Brazil)
Program Committee
Auri Vincenzi (UFSCar, Brazil)
Christina von Flach (UFBA, Brazil)
Edna Canedo (UnB, Brazil)
Eduardo Figueiredo (UFMG, Brazil)
Fabiane Benitti (UFSC, Brazil)
Fábio Kon (IME-USP, Brazil)
Gleison Santos (UNIRIO, Brazil)
Jaelson Castro (UFPE, Brazil)
Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy (PUCRS, Brazil)
Marcos Kalinowski (PUC-Rio, Brazil)
Monalessa Barcellos (UFES, Brazil)
Nabor Mendonça (UNIFOR, Brazil)
Regina Braga (UFJF, Brazil)
Rossana Andrade (UFC, Brazil)
Sheila Reinehr (PUCPR, Brazil)
Thais Vasconcelos (UFRN, Brazil)