In person
In 2023, the 14th edition of CBSoft will once again be held in person, from September 25th to 29th on Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul👉 Map


Registration closed, we appreciate everyone's support!
The Brazilian Conference on Software (CBSoft) is a conference sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). SBC is a civil, non-profit association that brings together students, professors, professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in Computer Science from all over Brazil, being the largest scientific society of this field in South America. With 45 years of existence, SBC stimulates the scientific and technological development of Brazil by promoting digital inclusion, encouraging teaching, research, and development activities in Computer Science in Brazil, and contributing to the formation of Computer Science professionals with social responsibility.
The registration fees for CBSoft'2023 (Which will be in person this year) are listed below. Students and professionals who are not members of SBC can associate or renew their association with a discount during the registration process. Registering for the conference and becoming a member of SBC (combo) is the most advantageous option for the participant who is not yet a member of SBC since he/she will pay less than the option for non-members and will enjoy the benefits of being a member of SBC. The benefits of joining SBC can be found here.
Registration will be handled by the SBC's ECOS system. However, it is recommended to carefully read the information below to know the conditions and deadlines related to the registration. All registration fees are in Brazilian reais (R$/BRL).
CategoryFrom June 15th to August 31stFrom September 1st to September 18th
Undergraduate studentMember of SBC with valid membershipR$ 123,00R$ 133,00
Non-member of SBC or with expired membership*(combo: registration for CBSoft 2023 + SBC annual membership)R$ 151,94R$ 161,94
Non-member of SBC (Registration only)R$ 165,00R$ 176,00
Graduate studentMember of SBC with valid membershipR$ 223,64R$ 243,64
Non-member of SBC or with expired membership* (combo: registration for CBSoft 2023 + SBC annual membership)R$ 341,82R$ 361,82
Non-member of SBC (Registration only)R$ 365,00R$ 387,00
ProfessionalMember of SBC with valid membershipR$ 587,05R$ 627,05
Non-member of SBC or with expired membership*(combo: registration for CBSoft 2023 + SBC annual membership)R$ 923,53R$ 963,53
Non-member of SBC (Registration only)R$ 983,00R$ 1027,00
* or member of SBC with membership due in up to 90 days.

CategoryPublication fee
Papers accepted to SBES, SBLP, SBCARS ou SAST (to be published at ACM Digital Library)R$ 260,00
Papers accepted to CTD-ES, WTDSoft, Industry Track, VEM, MSSiS, ISE ou OpenScienSE (to be published at SBC OpenLibrary)R$ 60,00

Additional Information

Registration + SBC membership (or membership renewal)
These categories refer to a discounted value applied when registering for CBSoft'2023 and joining SBC. This modality was created to make the sum of those benefits cheaper than acquiring each of them separately, thus being the most advantageous option for who is not yet a member of SBC or is with his/her membership expired or about to expire. Further information can be found at the FAQ page at the SBC's website, available in Brazilian Portuguese.
Student registration
Registration fees for students are only available to those who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses at Higher Education Institutions and do not apply to post-doc researchers. When registering through the ECOS system, an electronic proof of the student status with affiliation, participant's name, course which he/she is enrolled at, and current date will be required. Only after SBC verifies the document (which can take up to 1 business day to be analyzed) it will be possible to proceed with the payment of registration. To avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended not registering for CBSoft'2023 in the last day of the registration range. Payment options will be available only after the SBC's validation. Registrants will receive informative e-mails in all stages of their registration for CBSoft'2023.
Registration for authors of SBES, SBLP, SBCARS, SAST, Industry Track, VEM, MSSiS. ISE and OpenScienSE
Papers accepted to SBES, SBLP, SBCARS, and SAST will be published at ACM Digital Library while papers accepted to other events (competitions, Industry Track, and workshops) will be published at SBC OpenLibrary. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for CBSoft'2023 at the professional category and pay the publication fee corresponding to the event to which the paper has been accepted, otherwise the paper will not appear in the proceedings. The registration and publication fee must be paid until September 06, 2023. For example, in the case the author registers up to August 31, if he or she is a professor with a valid SBC membership and has 2 papers accepted to SBES, 1 paper accepted to SBLP, and 2 papers accepted to VEM, the total amount to be paid will be the registration fee for the Professional category plus 3 publication fee for ACM Digital Library and 2 publication fee for SBC OpenLibrary: R$ 587,05 + (3 x R$ 260,00) + (2 x R$ 60,00) = R$ 1487,05.
Registration for authors of CTIC-ES, CTD-ES and WTDSoft
To the authors who had their works submitted to CTIC, CTD-ES and WTDSoft , we encourage applying for the 3rd LATAM School of Software Engineering until July 28, 2023. If their works are selected for the LATAM School, these authors will have the registration fee covered, although the publication fee must be paid.
Payment options
Registrations can be paid by bank ticket, credit card, debit to a Bank of Brazil account, note of commitment or billing through the ECOS system. Registrations can be made until the last day of CBSoft'2023, but payments by debit account and bank ticket will be closed on September 20, 2023. After that date, registration can be paid only by credit card, note of commitment, and billing.
Registrations to be paid by note of commitment or billing
Registrants must access the ECOS system and make their registration by selecting either "Note of commitment" or "Billing" as payment option. Once the payment has been requested, the system will provide the required information that must be in the note of commitment or billing request.
Benefit for institutional members
A maximum of 1 (one) exemption from registration (publication fee is not exempted), either 100% or 50%, will be allowed per Higher Education Institution (HEI) associated with SBC. The IES is responsible for defining who will be the beneficiary through a Letter of Concession issued by the responsible authority at the IES attesting to their appointment. The beneficiary must send an email to with the subject [CBSoft 2023] EXEMPTION FROM INSTITUTIONAL REGISTRATION and include its Letter of Concession. Only after the evaluation of the document, the registration will be confirmed.
Cancellation policy
Registration cancellation requests made until August 25, 2023 may have a refund of 70% of the amount paid for registration in CBSoft'2023, the remaining 30% being used to cover administrative costs. After that date, there will be no refund of any paid amount. This policy applies to cancellation of both registration and publication fee. To request cancellation, registrants must send an e-mail to and